29 July 2011

Google is the new 42

While procrastinating (read thinking instead of acting on to-do's) I came across playing with the idea that 42 was really the answer to everything. (1) It was quite fun but then I realized how today when we have a question we hit Google to check the answer.

There is quite a heavy debate to have there pertaining to how reasonable it may be to rely on a corporate company so much or to trust the results or their ranking so heavily but the facts are there. Hey I'm even posting this on a google blog...

When checking on a soya sauce or a zen habit, a position to apply for or a car, even an illness we turn to google. Google is or has the answer.

Google is the new 42.

And I wonder what Douglas Adams would think about it.


  1. Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything (42) - Wikipedia
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